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What if the candidate that you found me quits after 2 weeks?

Sometimes things like this happen. We do our best to find a great match for both the candidate and the employer. If the candidate quits, we will find a replacement, at no additional cost. We offer a 90-day candidate placement guarantee.

How do I know that Ekanite Consulting is the right consulting agency for me?

When it comes to recruitment, there are no strings attached. Signing a consulting agreement with Ekanite is a sure way to receive quality applicants for the role you are recruiting for. It isn't a life-long commitment. If you are not happy with the candidates that you are receiving, you do not have to hire them.

How long are the wait times for foreign worker visas to be processed?

Wait times are dependent on the Country in which the foreign worker is immigrating from. For specific answers to wait time questions, schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.

How do you determine your commissions?

We have a market research team that provides us with real-time competitor data from companies around the world. Vancouver, Canada just surpassed San Francisco as the highest-growth tech city in the world. This means the demand is high and the supply is low for technical and corporate talent.

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